What To Know Before Installing a Garage Door

Is it time to install a new garage door for your Denver home? Purchasing a new garage door for your home can be an enjoyable process when you know what you’re looking for. After all, your garage door will significantly impact the look of your home’s exterior. So, you don’t want just any door - you want one that will compliment your home’s aesthetic while providing the functionality that you need.

Here, we’ll discuss the main tips that you should know before having a new Denver garage door installed. Before long, you’ll have the perfect garage door for your needs installed and ready to go.

What To Consider For Your New Garage Door

Your garage door supports the security of your home, and you’ll need it to be installed properly. Here are the main factors to consider as you have a new garage door installed for your Denver home:

  1. Your Budget

Budget is the first key factor to consider before you have a garage door installed. Garage doors can vary greatly in price depending on several factors, including style, material, and size. The type of garage door opener you select will also impact the price of installation, along with any advanced features that you choose to add on. Every homeowner has a budget, so it’s crucial to set the amount that you want to pay for your garage door beforehand. The team at G Brothers Garage Doors will help you find the most cost-effective garage door for your needs, without sacrificing the door’s quality or appearance.

  1. The Opener

Not all garage door openers are the same. Some operate with a chain, some with a belt drive, and others yet with a screw. Belt drive garage door openers open with a rubber belt that moves across the door’s rails. This allows for quiet operation and minimal maintenance. Chain drive openers function with a chain connected to a metal wheel. This is a cost-effective option, but the metal structure will operate more loudly than a belt drive. Screw drive openers make use of a threaded rod, generally made of steel, to operate the garage door.


Garage door openers can vary in horsepower from model to model. Heavier garage doors will require a higher horsepower in the garage door opener. The higher horsepower will also lead to a higher cost, however. So, to save money, you can opt for a lighter garage door and an opener with lower horsepower.

  1. Material and Style

Your garage door will be a prominent fixture on the exterior of your home. So, you’ll need it to complement your home’s aesthetic. Many different garage door styles are available, and the style will hinge mainly on the material of the door.

The most common garage door materials include:


Wood garage doors offer a beautiful, elegant, and rustic appearance. This material option will make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. However, wood is also a pricey option and will need significantly more maintenance than other material options.


Fiberglass garage doors provide the sturdiness that will allow your garage door to remain in good condition for many years. Unfortunately, when temperatures drop very low in the winter, fiberglass garage doors are also vulnerable to cracking, which would require prompt garage door repairs.


Vinyl is a recent addition to available garage door materials. Many homeowners select vinyl for its reliability and minimal maintenance needs.


Steel is another available garage door material. It’s very popular among Denver homeowners and is also the least expensive option. Steel garage doors are tried-and-true for cost-effectiveness.


Aluminum garage doors effectively fend off rust and deterioration. This makes it a great pick for homeowners in humid climates.

Choose Your Installation Company Wisely

The quality of the installation company that you choose will impact the longevity of your garage door. So, it pays to be picky! Select a garage door installation company with a trusted local reputation and a team of trained experts. Additionally, choosing a garage door company that offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services will offer you a convenient solution when your garage door incurs any issues. Contact G Brothers Garage Doors today to learn more!