What To Look For When Buying a Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener goes unnoticed as part of most residential garages. But, the opener is essential to safely and conveniently opening and closing your garage door. If your opener breaks or otherwise needs replacement, you’ll find that you need this tool ASAP.

If you’re seeking out a new garage door opener, or if you’re having your entire garage door replaced, the opener options available can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a garage door opener out there to suit every need and preference. By understanding the breadth of garage door openers on the market today, you can ensure that you make the right selection for your Denver home.

Garage Door Opener Types

A standard garage door involves a motor that moves a trolley across a rail. This trolley pulls the garage door open or pushes the door closed. The trolley is connected to the door, allowing for this movement.


With a chain-drive garage door opener, a metal chain is used to move the trolley, which opens or closes the garage door. The main perk of chain-drive garage doors is affordability. That said, this variety of garage doors also tends to be noisier than other door types. So, if your garage door is located underneath a room that’s frequently occupied, like a living room or bedroom, an opener that makes less noise is a better choice.


A threaded rod made of steel moves the lifting device with a screw-drive garage door opener. When the steel rod turns, the trolley is moved up or down the track to operate the garage door. Screw-drive garage door openers offer a quieter operation than chain-drive openers, as well as minimal maintenance.


Belt-drive garage door openers use a belt to move the trolley along the track. This allows for smooth, quiet movement that will be less disruptive to your home than a chain-drive garage door opener. Additionally, belt-drive openers don’t use as many parts as chain-drive openers, allowing for less required maintenance.


Direct-drive garage door openers use a motor that also works as the trolley. This motor moves down or up the track to operate the garage door. With just one moving part, direct-drive garage door openers keep noise and maintenance to a minimum.


Horsepower is an important consideration for your purchase of a new garage door opener. The weight and size of your Denver garage door will largely determine the horsepower that you need in a new opener. For garage doors that exceed a measurement of 20 feet wide, a ½ horsepower opener (at minimum) will be required.

The horsepower of your opener will also determine how quickly your garage door opens and closes. So, having more horsepower than you need is typically preferable to having less than you need. The extra horsepower will make your garage door move faster.

Special Features

Additional features are another aspect to consider in your new garage door opener. Common features to look for include:

  • Manual release, which allows you to disconnect the opener when you are inside the garage, then open or close the door manually.

  • Keypad, wall-mount button, or remote to operate the garage door.

  • Keychain remotes to operate the door.

  • A security light that turns on when you use the garage door, then turns off on its own after a specified period.

  • Wi-Fi that connects to your Denver home’s network and allows you to work the garage door from a mobile app.

  • Auto-close feature, which automatically closes the garage door after a specified period.

  • Automobile compatibility, which involved built-in garage door controls for specific vehicle models.

  • Remote lock to keep remotes from opening the garage door for added security.

  • Battery backup for garage door functionality in a power outage.

Professional Installation

Find a trusted Denver garage door company to install your new garage door opener. When you opt for professional installation, rather than trying to set it up yourself, you can ensure that no parts get damaged and that you’re safe from injury (garage doors are heavy, after all!). Garage door professionals have the proper tools and equipment to install your new garage door opener properly, ensuring that it will last for as long as possible. By installing the opener yourself, you may set your garage door system up for damage.

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