A Top-Rated Local Lakewood Garage Door Repair & Supplier

Do you perform 24-hour emergency garage door services?

Yes, G Brothers provides 24/7 emergency garage door service in Lakewood, CO, and the surrounding areas. We understand that garage door issues can arise at any time, so we’re always available to assist you promptly, day or night.

Do you have garage door financing options?

Absolutely! We offer pricing and payment options to accommodate every budget. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your garage door project a reality within your financial means.

How often should you replace a garage door opener in Lakewood, CO?

Garage door openers typically don’t need replacement until they break down. On average, they last between 15 and 20 years. However, you may also consider upgrading sooner to take advantage of the latest technological advancements, which can greatly enhance convenience and security.

How much does it cost to replace my garage door?

The cost of replacing a garage door can vary depending on factors such as size, materials, and additional features like windows or insulation. Generally, garage door installation starts at around $950.00 and can increase based on the specific requirements of your project.

What types of garage doors do you offer?

We offer a wide range of garage door styles and materials to suit every taste and budget. Our selection includes traditional steel doors, modern aluminum and glass doors, classic wooden doors, and more. We can also customize doors to match your unique preferences and architectural style.

Do you provide warranties for your garage door services in Lakewood, CO?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and materials with comprehensive warranties. Our warranties vary depending on the type of service or product, so be sure to ask our team about the specific coverage for your project.

Can you repair my garage door if it’s off track?

Absolutely! Our skilled technicians are experienced in repairing garage doors that have come off track. We’ll quickly assess the situation, realign the door, and ensure it operates smoothly and safely once again.

Do you offer eco-friendly garage door options?

Yes, we understand the importance of sustainability and offer eco-friendly garage door options for environmentally conscious customers. These doors are made from sustainable materials and feature energy-efficient designs to reduce your carbon footprint.

How do I know if I need to replace my garage door springs?

Signs that your garage door springs may need replacement include difficulty opening or closing the door, uneven movement, sagging, or visible wear and tear. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to have your springs inspected by a professional to determine the best course of action.

Do you offer maintenance services for garage doors?

Yes, we offer regular maintenance services to keep your garage door operating smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the line. Our maintenance packages include thorough inspections, lubrication of moving parts, adjustments as needed, and recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades. 

Locally Owned and Operated Small Business

G Brothers Garage Doors is a family-owned and operated small business deeply rooted in the Lakewood community. As locals, we understand the unique needs and preferences of our neighbors and are committed to providing personalized service and support. 

Decades of Experience

Our extensive experience spans over two decades in the garage door industry. This history demonstrates our expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence in serving Lakewood and its surrounding areas. 

Lakewood Is Our Home, Too

We share your connection to Lakewood and are dedicated to maintaining a positive reputation within the community. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust and loyalty of our fellow residents. 

We Do Not Work on Commission

Our team members are not driven by sales commissions. Instead, our focus is solely on providing honest, transparent service and solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. 

You Will Always Get a Straight Quote with No Hidden Fees

Our commitment to integrity means we promise upfront, honest quotes with no surprises. Customers can trust that the price they’re quoted is the price they’ll pay, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process. 

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Services

We have round-the-clock availability for emergency garage door services, underscoring our dedication to being there for our customers whenever they need us, day or night. 

Small Business Customer Service Values with Large Company Results

We have a unique ability to combine the personalized, attentive service of a small business with the professionalism and expertise expected from a larger company. Customers can expect the best of both worlds: friendly, customer-focused interactions backed by top-notch results and solutions. 









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