How to Replace Garage Door Rollers ?

Garage Door Openers: Everything You Need To Know

Having a garage door makes life so much more convenient. It gives us quick access to our house when we’re trying to bring in that extra load of groceries in one trip or when we’re attempting to dash out in the pouring rain.

But, when your garage door rollers fall off track, what do you do? 

Paying a maintenance technician to put your garage door rollers can be quite expensive, which is why we’ve created this DIY guide to show you how to replace garage door rollers . 

Here’s How to Replace Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door moves up and down thanks to a series of rollers, which are attached to brackets that are connected to your garage door. If you’ve discovered that you need to replace your garage door rollers , follow these steps:

1. Separate Your Automatic Opener

Take a quick look at your garage door and you should see a string that’s hanging down from the console that controls the garage door opener . Pull on that string a little bit and you’ll deactivate the opening mechanism. 

After you’ve finished that step, you will be able to manually open and close your garage door. 

2. Open Up and Secure Your Garage Door

During this step, you’re going to want to partially open up your garage door. You can use a pair of vice grips (or locking pliers) to lock the garage door in place so it doesn’t budge!

3. Remove Nuts and Bolts

Next, you’ll want to remove the nuts and bolts that are holding the garage door rollers into place. 

Once you remove those nuts and bolts, you should be able to remove the rollers from your garage door! 

4. Put In Your New Rollers

Once you’ve removed the old garage door rollers, you’re going to want to insert the new roller wheels onto the garage door track. You should be careful to ensure that you’re lining up the mounting holes on the hinges with the holes that are on the garage door.

Make sure that you have everything lined up perfectly, as that’s what the screws are going to be going through!

5. Screw-In Your Hinges

Use the same screws that you just removed to drill back into your hinges! If you have a wooden garage door, you can hammer in the bolts that you were using to hold the garage door hinges into place. 

Make sure that all of your nuts and bolts are nice and tight. This will keep your garage door nice and secure! Once you’re done installing your garage door rollers, re-activate your automatic garage door opener.

You’re All Done

Thankfully, learning how to replace garage door rollers isn’t too complex and makes a quick DIY project that you can get done in under an hour. Having other problems with your garage door? Contact us today for help with any of your garage door needs!

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