Understanding Garage Door Replacement Return on Investment

Housing ROI from Garage Door Replacement

Looking to make some upgrades to your Lakewood, Colorado home? Let’s talk “cost versus value” before you take the dive!

Every year, for the last 29 years, Remodeling Magazine evaluates the cost versus value of various home remodeling projects and like clockwork, garage door replacement is ranked at the very top of the list for home remodeling and renovation projects. The study has consistently demonstrated that a garage door replacement in Lakewood, Colorado is the wisest upgrade that a homeowner can make. Going on to explain that replacing an outdated garage door is not just affordable but delivers one of the highest returns on investment when compared to the value of other popular home renovation projects.

While there are a number of upgrades that can be done to improve the overall value of your home, outdoor projects proved to be the best value and were generally less expensive. Compare those returns to costly upgrades, like a master suite addition (about $256K with 57% ROI) or a major kitchen remodel (about $126K with 54% ROI), and it’s clear that going bigger isn’t always better. The performance of outdoor projects over indoor ones could also point to differences in taste — while not everyone may love the shiplap you’ve uncovered in your kitchen, a solid garage door in good working order has universal appeal and is less susceptible to personal opinions or preferences.

The Cost vs. Value survey evaluated the average $3,140 cost to replace a mid-range garage door with upscale door and found a $2,930 value of the project at home sale, which equates to a 93.3 percent return, making it the best remodeling project in terms of return on investment in the Colorado home improvement category. The study didn’t stop there – demonstrating an 81.4% return on even a standard door upgrade…meaning that you don’t have to shell out an arm, or a leg, to see the benefit of your investment.

“Improving the value of your home is as simple as a garage door make over,” said the Principle owner of G Brothers Garage Doors. “A new garage door will ensure you’re your home is noticed immediately. With the real estate market being what it is presently in Lakewood Colorado, a competitive edge is critical if you want to capture a potential buyer’s attention. On a separate note, even if you have​ no intention of moving, your garage door is the largest and most-used entry point of your home. An upgrade can keep your home looking sleek, fresh and modern, no matter how long you’ve lived there.”

It’s obvious that garage doors account for a large percentage of the home’s visual appearance. It’s up to you to make sure that the door works for you now AND later. By purchasing a new garage door from G Brothers Garage Doors, you can enjoy a fabulous new look inside and out along with quieter operation and the peace of mind that a new door and opener can provide with up to date safety features and programming.

You may be wondering why the return on investment of a new garage door is so high. The truth is, garage doors increase home value, sometimes in very unexpected — but concrete and reliable — ways. Below we will explore three of the primary reasons that a new garage door installation from G Brothers Garage Doors will pay for itself.

  • Security: Older garage doors can become a safety and security problem as they age. This is because they do not have all of the security advancements of a more modern garage door system. Potential home buyers often want to see a garage door with more modern security features.
  • Even if you are not looking to sell – when you consider this as a homeowner, the idea of a more secure garage door should be appealing as it is the largest entry point into your home and the most common way that thief’s access potential target homes. Ensuring that this entry is as secure as possible affords a lot of relief to Colorado home owners – potentially if you have small children to consider.
  • Curb appeal: A very old garage door can make your Colorado home look out of date, or worn when compared to the rest of your neighborhood (or other potential homes being considered by a prospective buyer). A new garage door installation adds visual appeal to the exterior of the property. A new garage door can refresh and enhance any landscaping and outdoor revitalization project, too. This is particularly important as we move into the Colorado summer where outdoor landscaping projects become more common.
  • Environmental soundness: A newly installed garage door tends to be more energy efficient when compared to older styles of garage doors. This is especially true if your new garage door is insulated. You could even select a garage door which has windows which cuts down on the need for artificial light when you are at home, or working in your garage. Over time, that’s less money spent on utilities and a more environmentally-friendly home.

So how do you maximize your return on investment? The key to ensuring a substantial return on your investment is to confirm that your garage door is visually appealing and suits the style of your home. At G Brothers Garage Doors, we have a large selection of options and styles to choose from when buying your garage door. We offer a variety of materials, panel designs, colors, and customization options for windows and decorative hardware so that your garage door, matches your home AND your personality.

For example, a Colorado home with traditional architecture may be enhanced by a classic wood garage door or a carriage house door, giving your home a modern vintage flair. Alternately, a modern-style home may be better suited to a sleek premium steel or designer garage door.

As for the choice of color, a G Brothers Garage Doors rule of thumb, is to match the garage door to the trim, the front door, or other home accent features.

Finally, to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, you will want to ensure that you are choosing a garage door that is “right for the region.” Living in Colorado, you will want to consider selecting a door that can handle freezing temperatures and provide ample insulation. If your garage door is mismatched to the region or to the needs of the homeowner, not only will it not appeal to future home owners, but it also wont be functional for you.

Ready to take the plunge? There is no time like the present and luckily, here at G Brothers Garage Doors, we work with the best distributors – allowing us to offer our customers a HUGE selection of models and materials – giving you endless possibilities to upgrade your door while also reflecting your personal style or aesthetic preferences.

So call today and let G Brothers Garage Doors discuss how we can improve your curb appeal, increase your garage door safety, increase functionality and won’t force you to dip into your 401K in order to operate it.

Here at G Brothers Garage Doors we are confident that we can find you the perfect door that will satisfy all of your needs and stays squarely within your budget.

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