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Read This if you’re considering Painting an Aluminum Garage Door for your Lakewood, Denver CO Home

Read This if you’re considering Painting an Aluminum Garage Door for your Lakewood, Denver CO Home

Aluminum Garage Doors

If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to replace the garage door that’s on your Lakewood, CO home, you may be wondering if you should keep the same type of door that you currently have, or if you should change it out for something new.

In our last blog post, we talked about wooden garage doorsystems. To recap, wooden doors can be made from many different types of wood,they’re strong, they’re durable and they don’t dent easily. Wood door, however,have some downsides. First, they’re extremely heavy, which means the motor youcurrently have may not be strong enough to move it.  Second, if the door falls off its tracks,it’s going to be very dangerous, based on the door’s weight.  Last, wood doors need continued maintenance.If you’re wanting more of a plug and play solution that’s not going to needlots of ongoing TLC, a wooden garage door may not be the best fit for yourhousehold.

Now that we’ve briefly covered the pros and cons of wood, we wanted to talk about aluminum garage door systems.

Aluminum garage doors are among the lightest garage doors on the market. The primary upside is that they are easy to install, and less expensive than doors that are made from other types of materials.

Any experienced garage door installer should be able to help you get this door installed.

Another benefit is that these types of systems tend to be rust and corrosion resistant, which can be especially important due the cold, wet Lakewood winters. No one wants to buy a new garage door only to find that it’s started to rust or corrode after a few years! When you choose aluminum, this will be unlikely to happen.

Lastly, since these doors are lightweight, you will be able to open and close them manually, with ease. This can be especially important if your motor decides to quit, or the power goes out. We recently installed a new aluminum garage door for homeowners who have twin teenage daughters. When the motor broke, the girls were able to open the door by themselves, and without much effort.

The downside

Since aluminum doors are lightweight, the tend to ding or dent far easier that doors that are made from other types of materials. If you have kids that like to play ball sports on the front lawn, this could prove to be problematic.

How to Paint an Aluminum Garage Door

  1. Step 1: PREP. Wait for a few days of good weather before starting. …
  2. Step 2: PRIME IT. Select an oil based primer. …
  3. Day 2, Step 3: TOPCOAT IT. Select either an oil based exterior paint or a 100% acrylic exterior paint. …
  4. TIP: Be sure to read all instructions on the materials used.

Experts you can trust

If you’ve decided you need to install a new garage door in Lakewood, Colorado, call G Brothers Garage Doors today to speak with an expert you can trust. We’re licensed and insured, and we have experience in working with all types of garage door systems. Call us today to schedule a free, no-hassle install appointment with a trained garage door technician you can trust.

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