Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door in Denver

Does Your Garage Door Need to Be Replaced? Here Are The Signs.

You probably don’t give your garage door much thought—until it stops working. If you’ve found yourself in a jam and you’re not quite sure whether you’ll be able to repair your garage door, or if you’ll need to invest in a full-on replacement, below are some of the top signs you need to repair or replace your current system.

  • Delays Delays Delays If the control buttons that operate your garage door seem to be a little sticky (aka, you press, and press, and press but you’re not getting the type of response time that you used to), it may be time to call a professional. A fully functioning garage door system will respond within seconds of you pressing that button. If the opening or closing system is becoming less and less responsive, you could have a problem with one or more components of your system.
  • Your Energy Bills Keep Climbing Yes, it’s true. An outdated garage door system is likely using quite a bit of juice, especially considering you open and close that door several times a day. It sounds a little strange, but replacing an old system with a new, more energy efficient model can save you some money on your electric bill.
  • It’s Noisy as All Heck Garage door systems aren’t always silent, but if yours is creaking up a storm, you may have a problem. At G Brothers Garage Door Company on of our expertly trained technicians can help you diagnose (and fix) the problem
  • Your Teenager Accidentally Backed into It If a family member accidentally backed a vehicle into your garage door, you’ll want to contact a licensed garage door repair company ASAP! If your door has come off the tracks, or if a spring or hinge is broken, you’ll want to have that fixed right away. Not only can this type of damage be unsightly, it also means your home isn’t fully secure. If the damage is really bad, you should hold off on trying to test it yourself. On the other hand, if your garage door only sustained a minor scratch or scuff, you may be OK. For more information on what to do if your garage door has sustained vehicle damage, call G Brothers Garage Door Company today at 720-421-6649.

At G Brothers Garage Door Company, we only work with the most highly-trained technicians because we want our customers to receive the highest level of care and satisfaction. We’re a local, family-owned and operated business and as such, our #1 focus is our customers.

Not only are we committed to getting the job done right, we want our customers to feel as if they’re family. For more information on our full range of garage door repair, garage door replacement and garage door maintenance services call our office now at 720-421-6649 to speak directly with a customer care specialist in Denver.

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