Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Doors

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Doors

We use our garages every day. Rain or shine, we expect those garage doors to roll up. But sometimes they don’t, and whether it’s due to broken hardware or electrical malfunction, a broken garage door will cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, the garage door experts at G Brothers Garage Doors in Lakewood are here to help. In this blog we’ll examine a few things you can do before you need to call our company to replace your garage door, which could be costly to fix.

Listen To Your Garage Doors

You open your garage door all the time, so you know exactly what it sounds like when it’s operating normally. If you start to hear a sound that isn’t normal, start investigating. Something that’s easily fixable like loose tracks or something in the chain could be causing the noise and wouldn’t require a visit from a garage repair company. If you see shaking or rattling or noises continue after you think you’ve solved the problem, this may be cause for a call for garage repair.

Check The Garage Door Balance

Like most things in life a good balance is key. Whether you’re balancing junk food vs health food or you’re balancing a mismanaged check book, chances are you’ll need balance in some form during your day. Balance is also key for your garage. The best way to test this is to pull your garage door release cord, which is usually that red cord you tell your kids not to play with. Safely close the garage door, and then pull it open about half way. If it doesn’t stay, then you may need to have your springs checked.

Lube Up the Garage Door

Most heavy and moving machines require lubrication in order for their parts to function properly and last a long time. It can take up to 10 minutes to make sure your garage is adequately lubricated. Check the chain, springs, overhead screw, or any part on your garage that moves and grinds against other parts to make sure that it has a healthy application of lubricant. Garage door specialists can help you find the right lubricant for your door as well as tell you exactly where to apply it.

Replace Weather-stripping on the Garage doors

Just like every other door, garage doors are given strips of weather-stripping to help insulate your home. The easiest way to see if you need new weatherstripping on your garage door is to raise your door up halfway and inspect it. If the rubber weatherstripping is cracked, brittle, or missing, replace it right away. Normally garage door weatherstripping is sold by the foot at any hardware story.

Clear Garage Door Tracks

The tracks are on both sides of the garage door and are what guides the door up and down your garage. If debris like leaves, trash, or cobwebs get in the way or are pulled into the track, the door may see problems in the near future. Clear the tracks of any and all debris to make sure your garage door operates smoothly. The garage door specialists at G Brothers Garage Doors hope this blog has helped you. If you need garage door maintenance in the Lakewood or the Denver area, G Brothers is the garage repair company for you.

Best Ways to Do Maintenance on Your Garage Doors

  1. Check your door for unusual sights and sounds.
  2. Inspect your door’s balance.
  3. Make sure nuts and bolts are tightened.
  4. Lubricate the moving parts.
  5. Review your door’s rollers.
  6. Clear your tracks of debris.
  7. Review your lift cables.
  8. Test your safety features.

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