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The Ideal Time To Replace Your Garage Door

Your trusty garage door has been with you since you can remember. Day in and day out, your garage door has protected your home and family since the day it was installed. It’s kept the elements out of your house and off of your vehicles, and it’s even helped you throw some of the most memorable parties you’ve ever had. Unfortunately, there comes a time that you have to replace your garage door with a new one. In today’s blog, G Brothers Garage Doors, the best garage door replacement company in Lakewood, will go over a few signs that might point to the inevitable moment of having to replace your long-time garage door.

The Noise, Noise, Noise

If the Grinch would write a song about how much he hates the sounds your garage makes, it may be time to replace it. Of course, any garage door is going to make noise, no matter what kind of condition it’s in. Motors churn, springs coil, and metal climbs metal at the simple push of a button. However, when your garage door begins sounding like an acapella group composed of feral cats, it may be time to look into replacing it. While the noise may be sudden and loud, a quick fix may be the only thing you need rather than an entire garage replacement. Contact your local garage repair company, like G Brothers, to come take a look at your garage and see what the professionals think.


Over time, your garage may start to not look as good as it used to. It happens to everyone unfortunately, but chances are, it will happen to your garage even faster as it takes a beating day in and day out. From the kids practicing hockey on the driveway to that surprise blizzard that blew into town, your garage gets hit with something new at least once a day. Eventually, your garage may become so dented and worn out that you’ll have no other choice than to replace it. It’s not just for the looks, because a damaged garage door can’t properly do its job. Any holes or cracks in the armor will allow the elements, pests, and nosey neighbors to get into your garage without your permission.

Safety Third

Though they may not look like it, unless you’ve ever installed one, a garage door is actually quite heavy. Without brakes and failsafes, a garage door can actually cause quite a bit of damage to someone or something caught under it. If your garage isn’t stopping when something crosses the sensor, refuses to go down all the way, or closes at an accelerated pace, you should have your garage door properly inspected by a professional. If the damage is bad enough, they may suggest that it’s time for a new door. 

If you’re looking for the best garage door replacement company in Lakewood, then the experts at G Brothers Garage Doors is the company for you. Learn more about G Brothers, see what kind of garage door services we can offer for you, or contact G Brother Garage Doors to answer any questions and get your free quote today.


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